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An ARV prediction consists of Remote Viewing, Analysis/Judging and FeedBack Sessions.

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One Model of Precognitive ARV

In ARV, the FeedBack Session can be viewed as "beginning" the information communication. FB is when the actual event Outcome and its Associated Photosite Target is known for sure.  It Begins with the FB Session since that is when you know the truth about the event. This truth is what you wish to communicate precognitively!

Remote Viewing the Future - Precognition

Remote Viewing (RV) is the gathering of information, operating within a pre-specified protocol, from distant targets using intuition rather than the intellect or the usual 5 senses. Many governments, including United States intelligence agencies and various branches of the military, investigated and applied the reality of this phenomenon for many years.   Many of these studies have not been publicly released; however, enough information is public to know that this intuitive capability does exist and that it includes gathering information about targets that are distant in space and time, including the future.

Precognition is the technical term for gathering information from the future using non-analytical, i.e., intuitive approaches.  Self-precognition is gathering-sensing information from your future self!  Self-precognition is learning to sense and share information of interest to you between your past and your future.  Einstein said, "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."  This is the idea of the "eternal now" that permits information sharing between all now-moments.

Dr. Jessica Utts, Division of Statistics, at the University of California, Davis, wrote a paper entitled, An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning (1996).  In her abstract she says, "Precognition, in which the answer is known to no one until a future time, appears to work quite well. ... There is little benefit to continuing experiments designed to offer proof, since there is little more to be offered to anyone who does not accept the current collection of data."

Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) is a well established RV application for applying your consciousness to gather information from the future.  Click here for a quick overview of RV and ARV.  We are anxious to encourage and assist you and all those interested in exploring this fascinating and important aspect of consciousness.  However, the primary "work", including enjoying the journey, must be done by you.  If you do wish to explore, we have an Applied Precognition Project (APP) Website where you can both learn and make predictions using ARV...for free. Yes, we are trying to hook you on ARVing :-)   ARV is a fun and valuable way to learn about your mysterious connections with the future ... in particular, your future.

APP sponsors 2 conferences/workshops every year, and offers regular free online webinars. We also have over 1,000 members in our Google discussion group. If you are interested in precognition, we invite your participation.  Start precoging and become part of this grass-roots movement.

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