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An Online Program for Applying Your Intuition About the Future
via Financial Investing


PRECOG is a valuable tool for anyone motivated to regularly apply their intuition for their own financial growth and personal transformation.  The approach has been applied to financial markets, sports betting, and other binary yes-no win-lose hit-miss choices.  Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) is the basic methodology used with our Protocol 8.  This binary ARV method was the first to be investigated.  Currently a Unitary ARV and 1ARV methodology is being explored and is included in PRECOG.

Improve Your Ability to Predict the Future - see the following 9 minute video.
Deepen your intuitive side as you empower yourself, i.e., invest in your self

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PRECOG is now free.
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The "World of Consciousness" is Not Flat.  Precognition is real - Apply it in your life!

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